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Beautiful from all
angles – just add music

Iconic in shape, elegant in appearance and gorgeous in sound, A9 is a one-point music system. With the A9, all you need is a digital music source and the music system will take care of the rest. You can stream through either AirPlay or DNLA. And with built-in Spotify Connect you’ll get simple and seamless playback. B&O have crafted the A9 like a piece of fine furniture, with careful selection of materials and attention to detail.

It’s designed to change as your life and home change. Place it in a corner, free standing in a room or hang it on the wall with the wall bracket. No matter where, the thorough design and a sound-adaption switch means it looks and sounds exceptional. Don’t look for a volume dial or buttons, just swipe your hand sideways on the top to change volume. B&O has designed every little detail of the A9 to be as functional and beautiful as possible.

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What I look for in a standing speaker

This is the kind of kit that’ll get a room to itself, a place where you sink into your favourite chair, shut everything else out and give your undivided attention to the music, so sound quality comes first. It needs to be detailed but capable of going up to 11 when necessary. Just because it’s high-end hi-fi doesn’t mean it can get away with being old fashioned so it should be able to stream from phones, tablets, laptops, PCs or even a home-cinema system, preferably in lossless formats for the best possible sound quality. That should go for the looks, too. I know you listen with your ears and not your eyes but I want something that takes pride of place, not require hiding under a cloth when it’s not in use.

My Moment…

Music is normally treated as background noise or a distraction from something else but I want to be able to shut myself away with a copy of Turn on the Bright Lights by Interpol and just listen. It sounds best when it’s cold and wintery outside, when for 50 minutes their gloomy post-punk and atop-quality sound system are the perfect distraction.

Tom Wiggins 
deputy editor