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Stylish over-ears,
top line sound

Carefully selected high-quality materials including leather and aluminium give the H6 a sense of elegant luxury and make them supremely comfortable. The softness of the lambskin on the ear pads is the first thing you’ll notice. Then the headband. This needs to be durable and age with grace. So B&O choses cow leather, which gains patina and personality from day to day use. The memory foam inside the ear pads adapts to make the headphones a joy to wear. H6 headphones offer a natural and authentic sound performance with focus on a clear midrange – and a balanced bass and treble performance. They include a 40 mm custom-designed driver with a neodymium magnet in a closed headphone design. A bass port optimises the bass performance and the drivers are slightly angled to get the best distance and sound direction into the ears. Available in black leather and natural leather.

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What I look for in an over-ear headphone

There are certain records in my collection I class as “headphone albums”. When I want to listen to one of them, a nice, big pair of over-ear headphones help me shut out the rest of the world and focus on the music. I could be at home working, on a long flight, or just sitting up late listening to an old favourite, but escapism is my main concern, so they need to sound so good and be so comfortable I’ll get lost in what’s playing and forget they’re even on my head. On the flip side, over-ears are also the preferred choice of DJs (both bedroom and professional) so a long cord is welcome, plus swivelling ear cups make it easier to hear what you need to mix into. Despite being bulkier than in-ears they still need to be portable, so a folding design and in-line controls are handy.

My Moment…

While flying is never exactly relaxing, I’ve had some of my most memorable headphone moments on aeroplanes. The chiming guitars at the start of Explosions In the Sky’s Memorial go perfectly with watching a sunset bruise the sky from above the clouds and the right pair of headphones make that all the more enjoyable. When you’ve got a pair that’s as happy being used to put together DJ sets on a tablet as helping you bliss out at 40,000 feet, you know you’re onto a winner.

Tom Wiggins
deputy editor